Finally, a trailer for 'Paranormal Activity 4'!

Okay, so I'm a big lover of the 'Paranormal' films. The concept is genius and on such a small budget, shows that you don't need digital trickery to fool audiences into being scared. All Orin Peli needs is a video camera, and a whole lot of extras slamming doors & making things that go bang in the night.

So, we now have a trailer for the fourth and (I hope to God) final instalment, due out in October. Before I share my thoughts, see the trailer below:

I have to say; I'm very impressed. Paramount has done an excellent job of keeping the franchise fresh for a modern audience; the 'Skype' idea is pure genius and it's relevant to the kids of today! Okay, so the trailer offers nothing new, shady dialogue, recap of the first 3 films, shadowy figure with static, but I still end up terrified by the end of the 1:42 marker. It's clear that the directors have sat long and hard to think of new ways to continue the story without exhausting the same old ideas such as a chair moving or being dragged down a hallway.

I'm happy that we've returned to the present as well, I couldn't have done with another 'prequel'. As interesting as it was to find out the origins of the demon and the girls, I just wanted to find out what the hell happened to Hunter! You can't leave a film with that kind of cliffhanger! So I'm happy that we finally get to find out what's being going on for the last 6 years. Not forgetting the return of Katie Featherston who was so briefly looked upon in the last film, WE WANT DEMONIC KATIE BACK.

This brings me to the plot and my doubts. When the idea of witches was introduced during the third film, I have to be honest I thought it got a little silly. What was fascinating about the first two films was that the demon had no intentions and was there for no actual reason; just to cause chaos. But to bring witches into it for me lost a sense of the franchise's realism, which was its overall intention was it not? But, if this hopefully the last film in the franchise, the story will come full circle and be explained in a proper manner. I have faith!

All we can do now is wait until the films debut sometime in October, I have high hopes none the less. BUT, I BEG PARAMOUNT, PLEASE LET THIS BE THE LAST ONE. Don't do a 'Saw' and drag a limited plot over eight films, I want this to be a successful franchise!
Kieran x


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