I actually feel quite bad about not posting anything in regards to fashion; so I thought I'd give it a shot today and tell the world what I decided to wear today!

      Acid Wash Denim Gillet - £40 Topman

I started with the basic denim Gillet, with an overall acid wash. This undermined with the red check around the collar makes it eye popping and you'd easily stand out in the crowd. Kinda hopping on the Gillet bandwagon I know but it is a major focus in both Topman/Topshop trends and even the likes of The Vaccines are wearing them. A clear influence from the 80's, so this encourages outfit combinations of white t-shirts and checked shirts. Another point I have to mention is the comeback of denim, with the likes of jackets, Gillets and jeans making a welcome return to the fashion industry; Exciting stuff eh?

                                          (not the actual shirt I wore but I couldn't find it online!)
                                                     Red/Blue Gingham Checked Shirt £30

Next, I went with a red checked shirt (yes not the one in the picture, but it wasn't on the website but I'm sure you get the idea!) to compliment the red checked undercoat of the Gillet and get a nice mix of red and blue. Because of course; those two colours compliment each other very nicely! Plus, the check style is one of Topman's big deals proving very popular with its target audience, another influence from the 80's. Especially the check/demin ensemble, VERY footloose.

Finally, I topped it all off with a pair of stretch skinny jeans (£38 Topman) and a pair of white converse (£38-£42 Any shoe retailer). Literally chosen for the simplest of reasons; black goes with pretty much anything and I couldn't have been doing with double denim (it scares me) that would've been too 80's! The black ones especially have been a top seller for Topman in the last few weeks, not only in my store but within the company across the UK. I put this down to the comfort factor; they stretch enough to give you room but not enough to become baggy, because guys I like my skinny jeans fairly tight. Baggy simply doesn't make the cut m'fraid. Converse just tops off a casual look, I'd recommend the pumps rather than the high tops, as you can then roll up the cuffs on the jeans; a trademark that's quite common with denim these days. Yes, it's more of a summer move but hey, it's still fairly nice outside.

Rather random but I hope you enjoyed my little fashion piece today!

Kieran x


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