The Ghost of Paddington

"He was a lonely ghost uttering a truth that nobody would ever hear."
- George Orwell, 1984.

There goes the ghost of Paddington

floating and passing in-between the fleeting souls
of others frantically travelling home
but, poor ghost, he cannot leave.
No greeting, no courteous bow, not even a wave
- for he is the shadow that flickers from candlelight.
Some see him from the corner of the eye
but to most, he is simply ignored.

There goes the ghost of Paddington
no bustling train to catch, no bursting home to go
just simply a picture and a withered rose
that still maintains it's handsome glow.
Listen close, for you can hear tears as he begins to cry
he weeps and sobs but not a soul can explain why.
He holds the picture close to his heart
as it begins to rain - becoming a complete work of art.

Did you hear about the ghost of Paddington?
For he was married and deeply in love
but soon the endless summer turned into never-ending winter
in which the leaves of harmony flew away like a dove.
The poor soul's love was gone, vanished like a conjurer's trick
"Did she love me?" For her heart was the toughest lock to unpick.
Now dear ghost, he longs for her return
holding both picture and rose that coexist as one
"Never leave again my love, for I have much to learn!"
But sadly dear ghost, love can never come back
so I say onto you: wander alone and let love's heartbreak burn.

- K.P.S


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