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In Conversation with Matt Haig

How do you cope in a world that is increasingly louder and more technologically advanced? Is it possible to step back and just breathe without fighting the need to check your emails and endlessly scroll on Instagram? This is just a few questions Matt Haig poses in his number one bestselling book, Notes on a Nervous Planet, a follow up of sorts to his smash-hit Reasons to Stay Alive. Ahead of his sold-out event in Waterstones Reading, I catch up with Matt to talk about the book, the power of social media and how this is all intrinsically linked to mental health.

  At the time of writing, 'Notes on a Nervous Planet' has spent a staggering five weeks at the number one non-fiction hardback chart, something Matt never expected. "I've never had a hardback go in at number one. It feels great, as I was very neurotic and very worried about this book". This success comes off the back of How To Stop Time, a fiction novel about a four hundred and thirty nine year old man whic…

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