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Review | A Star is Born

'A Star is Born' is Bradley Cooper's first directorial outing, as well as acting as producer and lead role, and tells of the story of Jackson Maine, a highly successful rock/country singer who is nearing the end of his career, slowly succumbing to alcoholism and tinnitus. On the back of a show, Maine stumbles upon a drag bar and watches the outstandingly talented Ally (Lady GaGa) sing. He takes Ally under his wing of sorts, and the two begin a romantic relationship; as she flourishes into stardom, his own begins to diminish, under the emotional strain of family relationships, illness and addiction.  

  Baring in mind that there are three adaptions of the familiar story, this is the first I have watched start to end, so it would be unfair to compare Cooper's film to any of the other adaptations. But Cooper has delivered here a film so intimate yet so electric, a film that packs emotional punch after emotional punch. Jackson is a very talented singer but it's acknowle…

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