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An Almost-But-Not-Quite-Mid-Year Review

FRIENDS. ROMANS. HUNTYMEN. I have returned from my temporary hiatus (okay six months, but shhhhhh) to give you an update of my life now that we are officially half way through the year. Isn't that exciting? Well, I say exciting but also terrifying as I had to book my next appointment at the dentist (thrilling stuff I hear you exclaim? You would be correct dear reader!) and my next appointment is on the tenth of January. NEXT YEAR. Mentally, I'm still in March so this doesn't feel real. But I am digressing. It's now July, and we're currently in the biggest heatwave Britain has had that has lasted longer than five hours and twenty minutes, so much so that we may even have a hosepipe ban! Basically the sun is out and proud and the grass is burnt to a crisp, lovely! But what have I been up to?

  When I last blogged I was going through a bit of a difficult time of having my heart crushed and going into the year feeling deflated and devoid of optimism. Hence the influx of…

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