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I Remember (Update)

A few months ago, I wrote a very personal poem inspired by the break up of a fellow friend. Over the last few months I repeatedly thought back to this poem, I wasn't originally happy with its content so I had been tweaking here and there to create the poem I wanted my feelings to exert. I wanted a poem that every man or woman could relate to, as cliched as that sounds, but to also strike a chord in the hearts of all who have been broken by their first love. So, I present to you, (and I'm so sorry it's longer than I anticipated) inspired by my dear friend and some of my own personal experiences, 'I Remember'.

Do you remember the day we met?
Awkward glances around your eyes transformed into endless toying of obsession
You gave me a single diamond, a single tear placed in my hand
Frozen in place.

We climbed the steps, one by one, your head nuzzled in my shoulder
Like you needed protecting
The smell of sweet endearment pierced the skin like winter snow
And your diamond r…