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Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones Review

Anyone who knows me will know how much of a Paranormal fan I am. Like it or lump it, you can’t deny the success of the Paranormal Activity movies. Made on a maximum $5 million budget, each film provides enough jump scares and terrors to cash its way into the box office. However 2013 saw a change in the usual October scare-fest, because low and behold there was no Paranormal movie to be had. Was this the first sign of weakness for the franchise? Had it ran out of ideas? Fortunately, Paramount being the ever so sly studio that they are, let us know that 2 movies would be making their way to the big screen in 2014, and this is the first – the Hispanic ‘spinoff’ (that isn’t really a spinoff) Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones.

Largely aimed at the Latino market (which interestingly has the highest demographic of audience members for the franchise) this ‘spin-off’ focuses on the character of Jesse, a recent High School graduate who becomes marked by a demonic force after his mysterious ne…