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Review | 10 Cloverfield Lane

9 years ago, when Transformers was just hitting cinema screens, there was a mysterious trailer attached to it that got a LOT of attention. No credits, no information, just a flurry of images presented in found footage format with it culminating in the decapitation of Lady Liberty herself with one word: Cloverfield. Word spread, viral marketing peaked an almighty high and people got excited about the prospect of seeing this film. It worked as a fun, found-footage monster movie but in typical J.J Abrams style, left a lot open ended and raised a number of questions, to which many people expected a sequel. Flash forward to January 2016, and a trailer gets attached to yet another Michael Bay produced flick (coincidental?) with the banner 'Cloverfield' before revealing the full title of 10 Cloverfield Lane. I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one who lost my collective mind at the prospect of a sequel or some sort of tie-in (though Director Dan Trachtenberg and Abrams both sta…

Generation Youtube is CONCERNING.

Ah generation Youtube. I must say, it's admiring. Imagine it, waking up every day and making a few videos revolving around how many biscuits you can shove in your mouth at any one time, or talking about what you got from your shopping spree at Boots. Hunky dory right? We live in a time where this platform is MONUMENTAL and shows no signs of stopping at any point soon. The next generation of young teenagers and kids look up to people such as Alfie Deyes or Zoella, as inspiration. These are the Bowies, the Beatles, the Madonnas, heck, even the Spice Girls of the next generation. Last year, Deye's net worth was an astonishing £2.9 MILLION, whilst girlfriend Zoella makes a cool £50,000 a month. A MONTH. FOR TALKING ABOUT LIPSTICK.

     But I hear you ask, Kieran, nothing is wrong with these people! They are simply young entrepreneurs trying to make their way in the world. I agree whole heartedly, they are doing well to make a living for themselves, but what I don't agree with i…

Danny Dyer doing Drag is more important than you think

Earlier today, Lucy Rose uploaded the music video for her newest single 'Nebraska' and already has received widespread acclaim thanks to the lead performance of Mr Danny Dyer in full drag, with unexpected emotive results. I had spoken to Lucy no more than five weeks ago about what she had planned for the video, in which she told me she couldn't talk about it but Danny Dyer's name had cropped up a few times in that conversation; needless to say I was surprised at seeing him but by the end of the video, I can only applaud both him and Lucy for making something so pure, so evocative and poignant, something that everyone can relate to.     The video follows Dyer's character, brooding and skulking around London before entering a night club. We then realise the club is home to many drag queens, many of whom take delights in performing on stage, and Dyer watches them, he narrows his eyes, looks uncomfortable, all the while Lucy's gentle voice sings I'm walking on …