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Let's talk about Death

Death. Something that most of us fear and unrecognisably determine as unavoidable. We are born into this world, we live, we die. Death is knowingly certain in our life. We await it's presence in a mind-numbingly measured manner. Yet, why when death rears it's ugly head, to which we have been expecting, does it shock us to the core and destroy our emotions? Through the vast multi-media platforms, we are consciously informed of death through a 140-character based tweet, or a Facebook message.
This way, we are alienated from any sense of emotion or spectacle of grief by hiding behind this platform; yet the specifically constructed words still hit you hard in the stomach faster than any bullet could. The aesthetic of what death entails allows for the emptiness of speech - what do you say, moreover what CAN you say? The mouth remains frozen but ideas float endlessly in the mind to what you want to say. Most of the time, a lot of swearing occurs. Then, of course, we have the grievin…

Ultraviolence - Lana Del Rey

It's difficult to be a fan of the sultry Lana Del Rey these days isn't it? Deep within the materialistic world of glamour and expense that these songs so strongly resonate lies an artist that we seemingly know nothing about.  We cannot simply work out who 'Lizzie Grant' is. But with the renowned title of 'Queen of gloom' under her belt, is that necessarily a bad thing? Lana Del Rey serves up plates of mystery topped with a dressing of sultry sombreness; all without ever explicitly telling us who she is or what she's here to do.
       The less-is-more approach works in her favour with newest release 'Ultraviolence', as 2012 debut album 'Born to Die', albeit commercially successful, became too focused with swelling orchestral highs and overshadowed production values that often sheltered any identity the singer was trying to put across. Naturally the accusations of her authenticity came into question, many media outlets reported of plastic s…