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'ARTPOP' Review

Let’s face it, no matter who you are or where you are, there’s a very high possibility that you’ve heard of Lady GaGa. She’s without a doubt the biggest pop-star on the planet right now. She's selling millions of singles, packing out arenas and receiving countless hits on YouTube. Whilst endlessly drawing comparisons to former Pop Queen Madonna of course. But after a two year hiatus involving a hip injury, (forcing a cancellation of her high grossing ‘Born this Way Ball’), she’s now back with ‘ARTPOP’. An album that even before being released GaGa was calling “the album of the millennium”.  With so much hype and anticipation many fans and critics were worried ‘ARTPOP’ would manifest into ‘ART-flop’.  So what’s the verdict?

It’s quite frustrating really because I genuinely had high expectations for the album, especially after the iTunes Festival performance and the endless promos. But it seems that somewhere along the way GaGa got lost on the path of trashy euro-pop and unnecessar…