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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review

Quite easily, Star Wars is the biggest movie franchise in history. Adored by millions across the world by both young and old, a new Star Wars film is more of a celebration or annual event. However, after the shaky response the CGI infused prequels received, the announcement of Episode VII left many with concerns that the good old days of Star Wars were lost to a galaxy far far away. Thankfully, J.J Abrams washes those doubts away by delivering a fresh, thrilling, and at times genuinely moving, outing to the Star Wars universe we know and love but of course stumbling across a few hurdles along the way.

Before I begin, this review is spoiler free so you will find no major plot points or scandal here, though I will most likely do a spoiler review in the near future, most likely in time for the DVD release.  Plot wise, it follows the same spirit of 'A New Hope', by giving a droid crucial information that has to reach a certain planet in order to save the galaxy from the threat of t…